Frequently Asked Questions

You have joined us at the place where banal and curious interrogatives come to roost. Please read our painstakingly letter pressed responses before you ask.


My heathen barkeep doesn't serve Hendrick's - what's a man to do?

Ask and you shall receive. Prod politely, and your barkeep will most likely accommodate your request. If that does not succeed, we suggest a strongly worded or kindly worded ultimatum. And if that fails, try the joint down the street.

Scottish gin? I've never heard of such a thing.

Well you'd never heard of horseless carriages and pre-sliced bread either, but that didn't stop progress.True, gin is historically from London, but Scotland has a distinct advantage, apart from our superior distilling abilities, Girvan's unique, soft, lowland water provides the perfect medium for grain spirit and our unusual array of botanicals.

I will miss your communiquès, but would like to unsubscribe from Curiositorium emails.

As they say, if you love something you must let it go. Use the contact form below to unsubscribe. Should you decide to return, we will welcome you back with open arms.

How do astute tipplers drink Hendrick's?

Hendrick's curious flavour can produce some delightful cocktails. The traditionalists prefer a classic gin and tonic garnished with a cucumber slice, but visit our Treasury of Tipples for a wealth of alternative preparation methods.

Where does Hendrick's hail from?

Hendrick's is proudly distilled in miniscule batches in the seaside village of Girvan, Scotland. Learn more about our curious origins at Our Peculiar Past

What makes Hendrick's so Jim Dandy anyway?

We're glad you asked. Hendrick's is distilled with a unique mix of botanicals before being infused with rose and cucumber. It creates a flavor unlike any other gin in the world. Probe further into how Hendrick's is made at Gin Made Oddly