6 Holiday Gin Cocktail Recipes to STIR your HOLIDAYS with WONDER

There are no secrets to superb festive gin cocktails - just simple, unfeasibly delicious recipes. These are peculiarly perfect for hosting at home or enjoying out and about in festive frivolity with friends. Once tasted, you will long for these winter cocktails each year.

HENDRICK’S Gin and Tonic

Must one get lost in the novelty of festive cocktail recipes? Certainly not when you know how to make a Gin & Tonic. The HENDRICK’S GIN & Tonic is as universally applicable in the frosty evenings of winter as it is in the sultry June heat. Raise a defiant glass against passing whims with the immortally refreshing HENDRICK’S GIN & Tonic.

Gin & Tonic Highball - close up
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Hot Gin Old Fashioned

A remarkable 'unscrooger' to warm the festive cabin of the heart.

Hot Gin Old Fashioned - close up
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Hot Spiced Apple

The magic of a festive party demands the delicious and warming wonder of the Hot Spiced Apple. This is an uproariously enjoyable marriage of hot apple cider and your favourite HENDRICK’S GIN to welcome guests in from the snow.

Hot spiced apple - close up
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Hendrick's Martini

The Martini, that singing symphony of liquid, was described as “the elixir of quietude” by author E. B. White. The origin story of this drinkable poem is a contentious issue, and as emotive and important a subject as how best to prepare the drink itself. Since its invention sometime in the 19th century, the Martini has slinked across our collective imagination in literature, cinema and song. Here we meet the flavours of gin in a primal pure form. This classic of classic cocktails, this melodious master, is further heightened when it entertains HENDRICK'S GIN herself.

martini close up
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French 75

Whatever the festive season serves you, serve your friends and fellow cocktail companions a gathering to remember. Spontaneous festive parties deserve a cut of dash, and the spectacular French 75 cocktail is without doubt the most dashing of celebratory sups.

French 75 close up
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Ready the Campari, and prepare for the perfect aperitivo! The NEGRONI is the epitome of the classic cocktail. Watch bartenders tremble in fear as it is ordered, as a perfect Negroni marks you out as the distinguished cocktailier.

negroni close up
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Let’s cut to the chase – choosing presents is time-consuming and emotionally fraught, but fortunately we have an elegant and simple solution: The majority of your most respected loved ones appreciate HENDRICK’S GIN, so simply source them bottles of our marvellous gin. Miraculously, it is also the centrepiece spirit for winter gin­­ cocktails, so source some to lavish upon your lucky guests, solving another hosting puzzle. That was curiously easy, wasn’t it? Use the time you have saved for more enjoyable activities like placing a ship in a bottle or painting pictures of hummingbirds.

If you are still stubbornly unconvinced (and we find that notion barely believable) here are 10 reasons Hendrick’s Gin gifts will save the festive holidays.

  1. A present of HENDRICK’S GIN will lead to absurdly delicious festive cocktails.
  2. More than 23%* of people who receive HENDRICK’S as a gift will offer some to the giver of the gift.
  3. Gin is the most versatile of festive gifts, so can be matched to a cocktail to suit most guests, this is worth considering when mulling over winter party ideas.
  4. It is a decadent gift for those on a gluten-free diet (unlike much of the festive menu).
  5. A gift of HENDRICK’S GIN can be drunk without the aid of an app, or ANY electronic device and it will never require a software update.
  6. No one who has received the gift of HENDRICK’S GIN cocktail has ever been attacked by a festive vampire, zombie or other supernatural beast (as far as current records show).
  7. … or flying manatees.
  8. …or talking cucumbers, giving these lucky friends time to employ our gorgeous gin as a perfect base for hot seasonal cocktails.
  9. Speaking of cucumbers, the gift of HENDRICK’S GIN goes so well with cucumber garnishes to ensure cucumbers do not have a lonely festive season.
  10. If spilled, the gift of HENDRICK’S GIN will not stain a white novelty jumper or special occasion dress.
  11. Like a list of 10 with 11 entries, the giver of HENDRICK’S is generous, attentive and pleasingly unconventional.

*This number was made up for the sake of convenience – speaking of making things up conveniently have a look at our staggeringly seductive menu of cocktail recipes here.


Gin can be enjoyed in many ways, but what is the best way to drink gin this holiday season? We recommend mixing one of our festive cocktails to get into the spirit, from a classic gin and tonic to a sophisticated French 75.


So alluring

Gin has soared in popularity in recent years, mostly thanks to its versatility. It’s a particularly popular holiday drink as it can be added to a variety of cocktails due to its adaptable flavour. It can also take on different strengths and flavours, depending on how it’s distilled and processed.

New OG bottle bottle

Hendrick’s Original

The original Hendrick’s Gin, oddly infused with Rose and Cucumber.

HENDRICK’S is an unusual gin created from eleven fine botanicals. The curious, yet marvelous, infusions of rose & cucumber imbue our spirit with its uniquely balanced flavour resulting in an impeccably smooth and distinct gin.

44% ABV

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