Frequently Asked Questions


You have joined us at the place where banal and curious interrogatives come to roost. Please read our painstakingly letter pressed responses before you ask.


How is gin made?

Hendrick's is the marriage of two different spirits from two rare and unusual stills. The harmonious combination of the Bennett and Carter-Head stills create an unusually smooth gin like no other that has the required character and balance of subtle flavours.


What is gin’s alcohol percentage?
How alcoholic is gin?

A superb question! Hendrick’s Gin has an ABV of 41.4%. We recommend you always enjoy the unusual responsibly.


How many calories in a gin and tonic?

Around 98 calories in a measure of gin. A Hendrick’s Gin & Tonic is about 150 calories.


What is gin made out of?

All gins contain juniper. Hendrick’s unique taste comes from its use of roses and cucumbers along with 11 other botanicals, of course including juniper - but also coriander, orange, lemon, angelic, orris root, cubeb berries, caraway seeds, chamomile, elderflower, and yarrow berries.


Is gin gluten free?

We are delighted to inform you that Hendrick’s Gin is indeed gluten-free.


Is gin vegan?

We are delighted to inform you that Hendrick’s Gin is indeed vegan.