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Ever wondered how to make gin or what sets HENDRICK'S GIN apart from others?

Everything you wanted to know about our gin distillation process but were afraid to ask.

HENDRICK'S slow and impressively eccentric distillation is a rose and cucumber-scented breath of fresh air. At each stage, we spurn efficiency in favour of slow loving care, abandonment of convention and a certain perfectionist whimsy. Let us start with our botanicals, we do not use one or two…but a grand total of eleven. What are they? I’m glad you asked: juniper, angelica root, caraway seeds, chamomile, coriander seeds, cubeb berries, orange peel, elderflower, lemon peel, orris root and yarrow.

The Gin Production Process

Whereas more conventional gins have a mere single still - we have two. First, our Bennett still seeps the botanicals in spirit overnight before distillation, this results in a rich and complex liquid. Leaving the Carter-Head to gently steam the botanicals in a basket atop its lofty neck, so the influence is imparted upon the spirit in something akin to a botanical steam bath. This yields a lighter, more delicate spirit. Which results in the perfectly balanced, and appealing unusual, HENDRICK'S GIN that some - but not all - love. 

But what is the point of gin if not to be drunk by a lucky human? With this in mind, we offer you what is perhaps the simplest cocktail of all - the HENDRICK'S GIN & TONIC.  


  • 50 ml HENDRICK’S GIN
  • 150 ml Tonic Water
  • 3 Thinly sliced rounds of cucumber 


  • Combine all ingredients in a highball glass filled with cubed ice.
  • Lightly stir and serve.
  • Garnish with three thinly sliced rounds of cucumber.

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