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Get Your Meeting Off To a Flying Start: Hendrick’s Unusual Video Backgrounds

Bring the absurd world of Hendrick’s to virtual meetings with these exceptionally absurd free video backgrounds.

Perhaps you’d like to get your meeting to a flying start in the Aeronautica Absurdum? This whimsical background is happily paired with a Hendrick’s & Tonic. This background is also equally compatible with poetry readings, declamations of love and surreal short stories. Share screenshots of the parties you have with our video backgrounds with the all-nonsense hashtag  #HendricksUnusualCalls 

“Aeronautica Absurdum”
0516 WGHE 20 ZOOM BG Theater R3

By simply sharing your background online with  #HendricksGin you may invoke envy in your peers. Further this unavoidable envy by appearing with a Hendrick’s & Tonic.

Download all of the deliciously Hendrick’s free video backgrounds here.

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Scratching your head? Peruse our detailed instructions below.

  1. Choose which of our remarkable backgrounds is most pleasing to your eyeballs.
  2. Click the image or desktop link.
  3. The image will be downloaded in your browser or downloads folder
  4. Lastly upload the image to your video calling app of choice 

How to get a background on your mobile telephone:

  1. Choose which of our remarkable backgrounds best suits your personality.
  2. Press on the mobile link
  3. When the image opens, use your finger (think of these as toes for the hand) to hold down on the image
  4. From the options that appear, select ‘add to Photos’.
  5. Upload the image to your video calling app of choice

As simple as that…

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