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Cocktails for Autumn or cocktails for Fall?

It’s that time again when the trees are showing off (before stripping off) and all is golden and thoughtful.

The year breathes out after the madness of summer and we may all enjoy a moment of slow mellow reflection. In this time of crisp blue skies and shortening days, three questions fly into the minds of the curious: 

  1. What is this time of year called?
  2. Can I wear my favourite coat yet?
  3. Which cocktails should be gracing my world?

Surely ‘Fall’ is American and not an appropriate word to accompany a gin as decidedly Scottish as HENDRICK'S GIN? Well, not really. In 16th century Britain, the ‘Fall’ or ‘Fall of the leaf’ was indeed the term. This lovely expression crossed the Atlantic, and while it dwindled at its point of origin it thrived in America. ‘Autumn’, which has Etruscan roots, was also popular in the 16th century. Previously it had been known as ‘Harvest’ (or ‘Hairst’ in Scotland) and ‘Backend’ in the North of England. 

Fall Cocktail and Autumn Cocktail Recipes?

With this in mind, which Backend Beverages, Harvest HENDRICK'S, Autumnal Libations or Fall Cocktails are most delicious? No need to panic, as we have assembled an exquisite inventory of Hairst digestifs, aperitifs and pousse-café, and other remarkable drinks recipes to enliven your cocktail moments and help you celebrate the most mysterious of seasons. Simply click here and here to relish the growing nights.

(Oh, and yes — you may now wear your favourite coat.)

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