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Hendrick’s Amazonia Gin

It took a perilous quest into the depths of the Amazon jungle to discover the exact exquisite botanicals Ms. Lesley Gracie desired to create HENDRICK’S AMAZONIA GIN. Available exclusively at airports, this LIMITED RELEASE bright, tropical gin is inspired by her audacious adventure.

43.4% ABV

hendrick’s amazonia gin is available exclusively to fellow adventurers

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amazonia gin

Our most exotic release, the fresh vibrant notes characteristic of native jungle flora finely accentuates HENDRICK’S signature combination of Cucumber and Rose.

HENDRICK’S AMAZONIA GIN is fiendishly good in cocktails, and especially so in the following gin classics: HENDRICK’S AMAZONIA'S freshness enlivens the Gimlet; All punches are invigorated by the fresh, verdant flavour profile; The Pina Colada is given a new scintillatingly exotic depth: HENDRICK’S AMAZONIA is a thrilling gin base for the Espresso Martini for the seductively rich combination of coffee and our gin’s tropical notes. It is also utterly out-of-this-world for the beloved Corpse Reviver and sublime Tom Collins.

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amazonia gin cocktails

Rainforest Fizz

Algures o arrebatador e refrescante RAINFOREST FIZZ está à sua espera; sabendo muito bem o sabor abundante que trará à sua hora de cocktail, pedimos-lhe educadamente que se abstenha de sorrir demasiado enquanto estuda a sua notável (mas arrebatadoramente simples) receita.


Amazonia Espresso

Por vezes o que começa como um dia irrelevante pode terminar com delícias sem precedentes e curiosas. Convide o acolhedor, refrescante, e absolutamente inesperado, AMAZONIA ESPRESSO para a sua noite. Prepare-se para o melhor!

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For every bottle of HENDRICK’S AMAZONIA GIN purchased, a tree will be planted in the Amazon by One Tree Planted, a non-profit commitment to supporting reforestation of the Amazon.

Fervently inspired by this epic Amazonian journey, Ms Lesley Gracie has her heart set on the inclusion of a tropical hothouse for the HENDRICK’S GIN Palace (located on the remote Scottish Ayrshire Coast in Girvan, Scotland). And so it was that this glorious Palace, complete with tropical hothouse, was opened in 2018. Enjoying the same heat and humidity as the Amazon, the hothouse is home to a glorious menagerie of tropical fruits and floral botanicals. This idyllic sanctuary (and important flavour research garden) is a daily inspiration to Ms. Gracie evoking the wild exploratory spirit of her Amazon adventure.

Do not be secretive about your HENDRICK’S AMAZONIA adventures!
Share a photograph of yourself & your Hendrick’s Amazonia cocktail, we promise to be pleased for you (and not too envious). Silly hats (for you or the cocktail) are optional.

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Hendrick’s Gin

Deliciosamente infundido com Rosa e Pepino.

44% ABV

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Um gin deliciosamente suave e sedutor, rico com essencia floral nocturna.

43.4% ABV