Enjoy summer's unusual moments

How to host a 
HENDRICK’s Summer party

Whether hosting a secret garden party, a midnight beach soiree or generally mulling the eternal (and often infernally tricky) conundrum of cocktail ideas – might we offer some help? 

Let us start with a dress code: as ever, we recommend dressing or undressing as you wish. Wear a garland of flowers, or a bunch of fruit, or whatever tickles your fancy. 

HENDRICK’S Cucumber Lemonade is a sublimely simple route to peerless refreshment, whereas the more daring may wish to leap straight into the Commodore’s Garden Punch (not literally as you will not fit).

Our favorite garden party ideas involve such entertaining distractions as Victorian parlor games, drawing or painting and impersonating animals. 

As ever, the strictest rule for a Summer party is do what you wish; we provide extraordinarily easy cocktail recipes to aid your relaxation and enjoyment. We wish you joyous Summers!

How to throw a 
HENDRICK’s picnic

The poorly kept secret of an utterly superb Summer picnic is in the selection of cocktails. Choose the easiest breeziest recipe. There is no shame in preparing the gin cocktails at home before the event or mixing on location. Either way, the best Summer cocktails are easy and effortless. 

Once you have attended to this vital detail, choose a picnic location where there is no local wildlife above you in the food chain: avoid lions, tigers, and tyrannosauruses. Dress absurdly or practically, ideally both at once. Choose guests who are open to spontaneous silliness and are not afraid to picnic until the moon is out.