Hendrick’s Original Gin bottle with flower and cucumber base


Deliciously infused with rose and cucumber.

HENDRICK’S is an unusual gin created from eleven fine botanicals. The curious, yet marvelous, infusions of rose & cucumber imbue our spirit with its uniquely balanced flavor resulting in an impeccably smooth distinct gin.

44% ABV

why is hendrick’s gin

So alluring

HENDRICK’S GIN is created via an absurdly inefficient, yet quite glorious process. In essence, to make one gin, we first create two. One on an old-fashioned pot still, yielding a rich and intricate spirit. The other on a long-necked Carter Head, producing a delicate, more refined spirit. Each still is infused with an unusual symphony of 11 botanicals: chamomile, elderflower, juniper, lemon peel, orange peel, caraway, coriander, cubeb berries, angelica root, yarrow root and orris root. The gins from the two stills are then married together and graced with curious yet marvelous infusions of Rose and Cucumber.

This odd method of making gin enables HENDRICK’S to taste light, yet intriguingly complex. The result is a wondrously refreshing gin with a delightfully floral aroma, elevating any cocktail and all occasions.

hendrick’s gin with cat lady

hendrick’s gin
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Looking for a wondrous winter gin cocktail for your next splendid soiree? Look no further! HENDRICK’S makes holiday hosting delectable with our festive Cranberry Fizz, a delightful concoction of cranberry, bubbles, and (our personal favorite) HENDRICK’S. The Cranberry Fizz is a festive gin cocktail recipe that makes one long for December all year round.

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HENDRICK’S GIN & Tonic is the grand empress of all summer refreshments and remains an unimpeachable selection for those seeking a long cool diversion from the sun’s ultraviolet extravagances. Its beloved simplicity suits slow afternoons on the lawn, sultry trysts in orchards or animated summer lunches with favoured guests. This is the classic gin cocktail beloved by gin lovers across the world.

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You cannot control the behavior of wasps at a picnic; you can, however, ensure you have a summer drink as ravishingly refreshing in flavor as the summer evening is long. HENDRICK’S Cucumber Lemonade brims with naughty thoughts for summers yet to be. An altogether breezier gin cocktail.

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May all your dreams come true! Whilst waiting for this unlikely event to occur, we suggest gratifying your senses with this radiant cocktail. A democratically no-nonsense gin rickey cocktail recipe.

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Hendrick’s Grand Cabaret Bottle with Chandelier

Hendrick's Grand Cabaret

A decadently delicious, pleasure-seeking expression of Hendrick’s that is imbued with untamed exuberance and poetry.

43.4% ABV

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