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The sea is everything! Inspired by the invigorating coastal air and the endless mysteries of the sea, HENDRICK’S Master Distiller Ms. Lesley Gracie considered a bold possibility: expressing the glorious sensory delights of the sea, in a gin. And so began HENDRICK’S NEPTUNIA.

HENDRICK’S NEPTUNIA is a limited release that captures the magic of the sea, in a gin. Ms. Lesley Gracie's creation is as refreshing as her muse, the mighty waves that lash the Ayrshire coast. Infused with an exquisite blend of locally sourced coastal botanicals and with a remarkable crisp citrus finish.

43.4% ABV

by neptune’s barnacled beard, what is neptunia gin?

Our first maritime release, the fresh sea-song notes characteristic of native coastal flora vigorously emboldens HENDRICK’S signature combination of Cucumber and Rose, culminating in an astonishingly crisp citrus finish.

HENDRICK’S NEPTUNIA GIN is a captivating base for classic gin cocktails. HENDRICK’S NEPTUNIA lends the gin & tonic a refreshing seaside spin; adds fathoms of coastal botanicals to the Bayside Sparkling Sangria; and enhances the citrus zing of the Gin Gimlet.

Do not be secretive about your own HENDRICK’S NEPTUNIA adventures! Share a photograph, drawing or etching of yourself & your HENDRICK’S NEPTUNIA cocktail. Go on, we dare you! Bizarre costumes and names (for you or the cocktails) are optional. #HendricksNeptunia

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The HENDRICK’S NEPTUNIA & Tonic is a truly exceptional form of the classic HENDRICK’S GIN & Tonic replete with a silkily smooth citrus finish. Absurdly satisfying and as perfect as a walrus’ whiskers after a trip to the barbershop.

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Of course, a classic naval cocktail harnessing the magical power of the sea makes complete sense. A sleek and hearty gin gimlet of inestimable and utterly satisfying invigoration. As irresistible as an octopus tap dancing show…and considerably simpler.

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Cocktail captains! Set a course from the windswept NEPTUNIA Coast with a delicious sangria. Sweet spices of falernum, fresh fruits, bay leaves, and sparkling wine converge with the seaside botanicals and citrus blast of NEPTUNIA. Invite all your mates for this unusually refreshing cocktail.

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This punch may be as alluringly indigo as an island lagoon but don’t be misled by the playful hue and floral decoration. Anchoring these sapphire fathoms is HENDRICK’S NEPTUNIA, a gin as sturdy as Her Majesty’s fleet. Its seaside botanicals and citrus essences are balanced with the addition of coconut and elderflower. This entertaining concoction completes garden parties both at sea and on land.

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Thar she blows! The blushing Breeze of the Seven Seas dreams beyond a single body of water. Tart grapefruit, scarlet pomegranate, and the seaside botanicals of HENDRICK’S NEPTUNIA in a tall, sparkling package. No fairer wind has blown.

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Cucumber, mint, elderflower and the seaside botanicals and citrus finish of HENDRICK’S NEPTUNIA join with an adventurous dash of spice in this wildly refreshing cocktail. Ancient captains have called the Sea Cucumber more refreshing than a quarrel with a typhoon.

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A delicious and jubilant cocktail named for the 1799 Raspberry Regatta, a race that showed the HENDRICK’S NEPTUNIA Navy narrowly victorious over the French Flotte de Framboises. In a gesture of good sportsmanship, Commodore Virgil Wesley Worcestershire had his cook create a marvelous Raspberry Rickey with his private stash of refreshing HENDRICK’S NEPTUNIA GIN. What followed was an evening of festive gathering for both victors and vanquished.

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Other gin cocktails are of course desirable, but few match the outlandish wonder of the HENDRICK’S NEPTUNIA GIN Fizz. It is impossible to avoid bias when speaking of this masterpiece. Something about the ravishingly refreshing opera of flavour of the HENDRICK’S NEPTUNIA Fizz inspires lifelong loyalty. Judge for yourself, we’re extremely confident you’ll agree.

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HENDRICK’S GIN has combined forces with the charity, PROJECT SEAGRASS, which is leading societal change in its efforts to research, restore and protect seagrass globally.

As natives of Scotland’s Ayrshire Coast, HENDRICK’S is close to the sea physically and spiritually, and understands these vanishing aquatic savannas are critical partners in nurturing biodiversity in a changing climate. 100% of sales from the NEPTUNIA GIN Magic-at-Sea Spa Kits will benefit PROJECT SEAGRASS.

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The original HENDRICK’S GIN. Deliciously infused with Rose and Cucumber.

44% ABV

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