The Rickey is one of the most classic of gin cocktails, a clean, crisp bell-ringer as refreshing as it is easy to put together. How to improve upon it? One: Add a few judicious drops of aromatic Peychaud’s Bitters®, which turns a colorless rickey into a rouged Rickey Rosé. Two: Use HENDRICK’S, the world's most intriguing gin.

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The original HENDRICK’S GIN. Deliciously infused with Rose and Cucumber.

HENDRICK’S GIN, with its distinctly elegant black bottle is the most beloved of gin gifts. An unusual gin created from eleven fine botanicals, this is a most distinguished Scottish gin gift. The curious, yet marvelous, infusions of rose & cucumber imbue our spirit with its uniquely balanced flavor resulting in an impeccably smooth and distinct gin.

44% ABV