The Hendrick’s Gaming Chaise

The world’s first gaming chair engineered for unplugged play.

The Gaming Chaise is for those moments when one chooses to lean back and sip the nuances of life in all its glory.

Key Features

  • Fully analogue horn that may be used to summon fellow players of games, bearers of cocktails, or simply to celebrate a particularly jubilant moment.
  • Retractable arms engineered to support cocktails, playing cards, and other real-world objects.
  • Covert compartments designed for cocktail supplies, classic gaming pieces, amulets and other objects of your choosing (no judgement).
  • Anti-optimized for computer gaming, the chaise form factor is perfect for relaxing with drinks, maps or a novel as well as engaging in human conversation or creatively daydreaming.
  • Copper design accents inspired by the Carter Head and Bennett, the two copper still types used in the inefficient yet glorious creation of Hendrick’s Gin.
  • Zero adjustable supports! (too many decisions)
  • Subtle anti-racing stripes (relax and sit down for goodness sakes)

$3988.08 per unit

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The hendrick’s gaming chaise. zero ergonomic features. unless you count the cocktail holder.

Although we enjoy video games as much as any iconoclastic gin distilled in a tiny seaside village in rural Scotland, it seems to us that current trends in gaming furniture have resulted in chairs lacking in worldly sophistication. We’ve chosen to remedy the situation with our very own gaming chaise, designed to accentuate the pleasures of a range of leisurely diversions, from card playing to chess, backgammon and other board games — not to mention the pursuit of human conversation (over cocktails of course) with all its feints and complexities.

Engineered For Leisurely Un-plugged Play
HENDRICK’S Dept. of Not-So-Convenient Technology

Want to explore and learn more about the HENDRICK’S Dept. of Not-So-Convenient Technology and our other inefficient innovations?

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Sumptuous gin cocktail in Honour of the Gaming chaise

In plush and elegant defiance of one-dimensional gaming chairs, Hendrick’s Gin is offering a gaming chaise designed for life beyond screen time. This chaise is suited for card playing, chess, backgammon and nearly all board games, not to mention the pursuit of human conversation, over delicious cocktails of course!
HG OG bottle with flowers fix bottle


The original HENDRICK’S GIN. Deliciously infused with Rose and Cucumber.

HENDRICK’S GIN, with its distinctly elegant black bottle is the most beloved of gin gifts. An unusual gin created from eleven fine botanicals, this is a most distinguished Scottish gin gift. The curious, yet marvelous, infusions of rose & cucumber imbue our spirit with its uniquely balanced flavor resulting in an impeccably smooth and distinct gin.

44% ABV


The Society of the Unusual

Enter the unusual world of Hendrick's Gin and explore a treasury of tipples, learn about our peculiar past and find out all about a gin made curiously.