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Full speed ahead! HENDRICK’S NEPTUNIA Sets Sail!

Gin-lovers around the world were united in great joy at the monumental news, for it is now confirmed that a new varietal of HENDRICK’S GIN has been officially launched.

What had started as a hopeful rumour was confirmed: HENDRICK’S GIN has introduced a new member to its extraordinary gin family. The new ‘coastal gin’ is to be known by the magnificent name of ‘NEPTUNIA’, a tribute to the Roman god of the sea and freshwater himself, Neptune. But, by Neptune’s barnacled beard – what exactly is HENDRICK’S NEPTUNIA GIN? HENDRICK’S Master Distiller (and keen coastal walker) Ms. Lesley Gracie has created an exquisite gin by emboldening HENDRICK’S signature combination of cucumber and rose with the bountiful joy of local coastal flora. With coastal botanicals, a smooth citrus twist and the distant hint of the sea breeze, NEPTUNIA is utterly enticing. One would expect such a delight to stay forever but – to much public consternation – HENDRICK'S GIN has stated that the NEPTUNIA seaside-inspired gin is a strictly limited release. Despite this, HENDRICK'S GIN'S Head of Orderly Orders, Ms. Harata Krastavitsa, encourages gin enthusiasts to procure the exquisite liquid in an orderly fashion. “Do not panic. You will be able to get your hands on our NEPTUNIA.” Krastavitsa advised our correspondent.

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Does HENDRICK'S have an ulterior motive? We believe it does, our own research indicates that NEPTUNIA will be supporting PROJECT SEAGRASS, a vital environmental charity devoted to the conservation of seagrass ecosystems and marine biodiversity. Behind the frivolity of the cocktail bar, NEPTUNIA will be helping to keep our seas healthy and happy.

HENDRICK’S NEPTUNIA sea gin is proud to support PROJECT SEAGRASS, a vital element in protecting the oceans and the planet. Seagrass pastures are incredibly effective in storing carbon dioxide. More information can be found here

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